Acupuncture of the Rockies - Testimonials


Knee Pain:

"I felt the benefits of acupuncture almost immediately. The pain in my knees (from arthritis) got less and less with each treatment -- it is amazing because now I am completely pain free. Diana is great!"
~Diane, age 47


“After learning that a co-worker of mine had visited Diana for nausea during pregnancy and had experienced very good results, I decided to email Diana to see if she offered any help for PMS. At that time I was experiencing about 1.5 to 2 weeks of the following symptoms during PMS: extreme tension in my neck and shoulders, a complete sensation of vulnerability throughout my body, headaches, body aches, extreme anxiety, irritability, and general confusion – which sometimes inhibited my ability to even be at work- I would just go home and curl up in a ball on the couch! After seeing Diana 3 times and taking the herbs she recommended, I barely even noticed experiencing PMS the next month!!! I really could not be more pleased with the results I’ve gotten. I am just amazed, I had no idea acupuncture would be so helpful. If I’d known I would have these kinds of results I would have gone to Diana years ago and gladly paid three times the price! (Don’t tell Diana that!)  I’ve already recommended Diana to many of my friends!”
~Liz, age 26

Shoulder Pain:

“Just wanted to let you know how energized I feel after my treatment yesterday! While I did not sleep all night through, I slept very soundly until 4:00, which is better than my recent sleep experience. The neck is still a bit stiff, but the shoulder is vastly improved. I will take my ailing shoulder to the golf course tomorrow, to assure you of a dilapidated condition come next Wednesday. I would say remarkable results after only one treatment.”
~ Joe, age 54

Ulcerative Colitis:

“At the age of 24 I was diagnosed with Proctitis. After a year of sporadic flare-ups, increased rectal bleeding, and the use of suppositories, my condition worsened and I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I had tremendous pain with bowel movements and I was losing the ability to control my bowels, combined with an increased frequency to go – up to 12 times per day. In the fall of 2003, I entered the emergency room and remained in the hospital for nearly a week. Upon leaving the hospital, I began another regiment of prescription drugs. I was willing to try anything…that is if it wasn’t acupuncture (boy do I regret that decision). My fear of needles kept acupuncture as an absolute last resort for me. I began altering my diet strictly and seeing a naturopathic doctor. However, again I would have temporary relief and then my symptoms would continue to increase. Finally, in the fall of 2004 I had yet another colonoscopy and was told that the colitis was active in over half of my colon. The pain I was experiencing at this point was quite unbearable and worse than when I was hospitalized the previous year. I was told that I had two options. I could either be on six prescription drugs to try and mask symptoms or I could have my colon removed. I needed to find another option. I finally gave in to the requests of my husband and a friend to try acupuncture.
After my first appointment with Diana I had 30 hours of no symptoms. I had not felt that good in 2 ½ years. For the first few months I had acupuncture treatments three times a week. As my symptoms improved, I slowly decreased my intake of Prednisone. At the beginning of 2005, I was able to go off of all the prescription medicines, including Prednisone that I had been on for nearly 2 years, completely. I am proud to say that my colitis has been in remission for over four months now and I absolutely attribute it to the acupuncture treatments combined with herbs and natural supplements. While I am now able to go three weeks in between appointments, I wish I were back to three times a week simply because I find the sessions to be extremely relaxing. My new health is in its infancy stages, but I am so thankful to be on this path!”
~Kristen, age 27

Wrist Pain:

“I suffered from wrist pain that was so bad the doctor told me my “potato-salad-making days were over”. That was disheartening news because I am German and I make potato salad for every family and social event I attend! I was actually scheduled to have surgery for what was diagnosed as tenosynovitis in my wrist. I decided to try acupuncture to help deal with the pain until I had the surgery. After 4 treatments my wrist pain was gone. I postponed the surgery. After 2 months of no pain in my wrist, I cancelled the surgery altogether. It has been 8 years now and the pain never returned.”
~Hilde, age 69

Back Pain:

I used to be an avid Ultimate Frisbee player and cyclist. Chronic back pain that developed from an old injury a year and a half ago sidelined me from all of the activities I loved. I became burdened with daily pain that massage or chiropractic treatment did not alleviate. With acupuncture I experienced immediate results I am virtually now pain free. I am currently building myself back up to enjoy all of my favorite outdoor activities and I no longer think of physical limitations.
~Rebecca, age 37

Wrist pain:

My wrist is absent of pain! I say thanks to you more than 3-times a day.
~Dave, 51 (previously told surgery was his only option)

Stress, Allergies, Headaches:

Acupuncture has made a huge difference in my life. My first experience was more than 10 years ago when I sought treatment for stress. In the course of that successful treatment I discovered that I could be seasonal allergy free! After maximum dosages of antihistamine from April to October from age 2 to 42 and two long painful periods of weekly allergy shots, I was able to become symptom free. When mild symptoms showed back up 5 years later a couple of treatments were enough to continue to be problem free. My current employment includes typing for 7+ hours a day. The symptoms of repetitive injury (carpal tunnel) started showing up-- my symptoms are managed by acupuncture treatment while two co-workers are having surgery. My most recent success story involved a serious family crisis that had me in a major tailspin. I called Diana for ideas and was able to get in for treatment on short notice. With acupuncture sessions and oriental herbs I am much better able to cope with this tough time. Having just returned from a session I have to say that the end to the 3 day headache alone was worth the time and money! I highly recommend acupuncture and specifically Diana to anyone who wants to feel and function better!
~Kathy, age 50

Common cold:

2007/2008 has been a horrible year for colds. Almost every employee in my company has had something, and out for at least a day or two. I have felt colds coming, but by taking the herbs, I never felt the full affects of the viruses, and have only felt off for a few days. I would recommend them to anyone.
~S.B., Age 40

Hoarse voice:

"I have had the joy of knowing Diana by working with her on committees, being treated by her as a patient, and consulting with her as my client. In that time, I have seen Diana succeed at every professional endeavor she puts her mind and determination in to. As her client, I have witnessed her bring back my singing voice with hours to spare before an opening night at the theater, calm me when highly stressed with work, and prove to me that acupuncture isn't scary or painful! "
~A.C., 36 y.o.